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Turn around…

Posted by charlottescott on May 17, 2011

Once many years ago my mother was picking me up from high school, I stepped into the car and she was crying. There was a song on the radio…

Where are you going? My little one, Little one,
Where are you going? My baby, My own.
TURN AROUND, and you’re two,
TURN AROUND, And you’re four
TURN AROUND, and you’re a young girl, going out of the door.
TURN AROUND and you’re a young girl going out of the door….

I didn’t completely understand why she was crying. What I did know..  I was 15 and pregnant. She had cried a lot lately. I’ve never forgotten that moment, but it had been tucked away, not considered in awhile.

Today I discovered a card my daughter had pulled out of the glove compartment of the car I had just passed down to her. I’d had it for years. It was a birthday card my mother had given me probably 5 years earlier.

The card on the front said simply…

to my daughter.

The words on the inside…..

Sometimes I look at you and wonder,
where did my little girl go,
and who’s this wonderful
woman who looks so much like her?

That day in the car, as she sat waiting to pick me up, listening to the radio and feeling time slip away… came flying back to me and I understood. My daughter is stepping out into life, happily not 15 and pregnant, but there she goes…just the same. Her life has passed by me with a speed I cannot explain.

My mother passed away in September this year. I feel the regret of times lost. Of things unspoken and love not shared. I think about the years that my mother watched me grow, leave, strife with life and motherhood and even grandmother-hood. It seems as if those years went by so fast. I understand now how she must have felt as the years were fleeing by and that little girl was never quite lost in her eyes, nor in her heart. I feel the slipping away of time as my children find their way through life.I look at them as adults but in my hearts eyes…those tiny beings that brought me so much joy and laughter look back at me.

I took the card as a message from my mother…slow down. Don’t rush through it all. It flies by so fast. Cherish the moments, hug the days, absorb the nights and enjoy it all! My mom and I didn’t spend much time together over the last two decades of her life. That must have made it even more fleeting for her.

The other day my 9 year old granddaughter said to me…”Grandma, I wouldn’t grow so fast if you saw me more often.”  Wise words, Emmie, and I took them to heart..I made myself a promise to see her and her brothers much more often. It was slipping away much too fast.

Life flies by. Everything is so busy, so fast. We are rushing towards the future with every breath we take. Today, thanks to that little message from my mother I am slowing down…just a bit. Today is what is on our plates. I plan to make it a buffet with lots of treats and plenty of dessert!

Here is the entire song…just in case you find life fleeing by you today.

Where are you going? My little one, Little one,
Where are you going? My baby, My own.
TURN AROUND, and you’re two,
TURN AROUND, And you’re four
TURN AROUND, and you’re a young girl, going out of the door.
TURN AROUND and you’re a young girl going out of the door.

Where are you going? My little one, Little one,
Little dirndels and petticoats, Where have you gone?
TURN AROUND, and you’re tiny,
TURN AROUND, And you’re grown
TURN AROUND, and you’re a young wife, with babes of your own.
TURN AROUND and you’re a young wife, with babes of your own.

Where are you going? My babe, My own.

Where are you going? My precious one, Precious one,
Pigtails and bedtime stories, Memories of old.
TURN AROUND, and you’re tiny,
TURN AROUND, And you’re grown
TURN AROUND, and you’re a woman going out on your own.
TURN AROUND and you’re a woman going out on your own.

Ian MacLaughlan 1963, David Silver lyricist.


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Welcome beautiful women…you are essential to this work.

Posted by charlottescott on May 26, 2010

Women! We are calling!

Enter your comments into the comments section.

Bring your energies they are welcome!

Thursday May 27th
8:00PM EST

Welcome and thank you for your presence.  Please take a moment to center yourself and recognize the light and love that surround you in this moment. I appreciate you joining us. Please use the comment box below to bring the energies of your lineage to our circle….For example…I am Charlotte…daughter of Portia, granddaughter of Lillian and Grace, Mother of Roxanne, grandmother of Emily…. the power of your lineage grows the strength of our circle. You are also invited to bring other women into the circle by posting their names here.  The circle that we are has no boundaries or walls.

Give yourself a few minutes to connect into the circle of women that are gathering. The amount of time you choose is perfect. This Moon is a powerful moon! Much fire is coming into our daily lives. Fire brings great opportunity for transformation. Speak or write your intentions or affirmations for your life and the transformations you are experiencing.

We are here together to support each other.

Before you leave here please take a moment to send your love and your light, imbued by the power of our circle, out into the world for healing and growth. WE are the change. OUR love is a powerful force of change. Connect with that knowing and be that change!

You are amazing and beautiful. You are a creative force of love. You are essential to this work.

Utilize the comment box to connect, to call in your lineage and place other women into the circle. By connecting in this way we can create a wave of energy that we can use for healing, for creating and sharing…send it inward and outward to the world.
The entry of Uranus into Aries ushers in a new day. It is the beginning of a brand new cycle as Aries is the beginning…the I AM… Uranus takes approximately 84 years to travel around the astrological wheel. As you can see, it is uncommon for it to repeat a cycle in a single lifetime. Here we are at the edge of something entirely new and for women we are in a place in the world we have never been before. We are awake! We are aware of our divine strengths and powers and our combined love is greater than any other force known.Bring those beautiful energies. Love and magic know no boundaries of time and space.


Walelah, Circle of Light

Unknown creator, Ancient Mother

Know that you may come back here and visit anytime and gather the energy of this circle, no time…no space…we have created a web of love and healing energy that reaches far and wide.

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Resurrecting the ancient secrets.

Posted by charlottescott on November 5, 2009

What happens when the beautiful and ancient mysteries that have been guarded and protected throughout time are placed in the hands of the masses? I find myself curious about how the world I live in will evolve now that what has been carefully guarded and handed down through the ages as the mystical truths becomes immersed in a society that limits its intake of information to what fits on the screen of an Iphone or gets woven into the plot of this years blockbuster movie.

There is a new book out, you might have heard of it…The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. The hero we loved to follow through the catacombs of the Vatican has come to question the Masons and the mysteries that were held within their walls. It is a book and entertaining…but it prompts me to ask the question…what does happen when the wisdom of quantum physics meets the sacred mysteries of old?

Unlike the fantasy of Hollywood,  it doesn’t bring about world destruction. Buildings will not collapse into the oceans, planes will not fall from the sky. I know as a culture we are obsessed with this outcome but I doubt sincerely it is more than just a way to entertain ourselves on a Friday night at the movies.

Instead, it is sad to say, what appears to happen is the gradual devaluing, washed into a sea of apathy and disbelief. I opened my email this morning and I was offered a chance to quickly and easily become an Usui Reiki and Tibetan healer…and cheaply too!  In fact, I could learn it all from an MP3.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen similar claims. I listen to what has happened since the production of “The Secret” and the immersion into society of the “law of attraction.” I saw just his weekend an evangelical preacher claiming New Agers “stole” this from the bible and proceeded to read scripture after scripture of how the law of attraction was spelled out in the bible. In another instance lately a woman was promoting a book she had written to dispute the theory that all you had to do to recover from cancer was think positive! She was quite pissed about that theory, about her cancer and wanted to put the squelch on cancer centers promoting this ridiculous concept of a law of attraction, she didn’t believe it and she got well anyway,  And too….I have seen much misalignment to the beautiful ritual of the native american sweat lodge…I could go on, but I won’t…

I’ll try to bottom line this, since this is the world of micro blogging and 10 second sound bytes…when we dig up the secrets and rob the tombs and wash down the sacredness of life’s ancient mysteries we as a society do what we do to most things. We rape and pillage it until it no longer has meaning.  We extract the core, throw out the ritual and then try to use it to our advantage.  There will be those that will make great attempts to get more and more money using the law of attraction and continue to avoid the wealth of all of the spiritual laws. and while many might go about claiming the power to heal others because they took a weekend certification or listened to a CD and yet will never heal the shallowness in their own hearts. And the almighty dollar will continue to drive the motivation of many to find, use and exploit lifes’ beautiful secrets,  I don’t doubt that.

Perhaps the irony here is that the secrets will remain still protected…as they will only be of true value and use to those that understand and appreciate them.

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Auspicous moment in time. World shift?

Posted by charlottescott on October 22, 2009

An astrological event is occuring alongside a monumental movement of consciousness on October 24th. we will be affected by it for several days. The Moon will meet up with Pluto in Capricorn signifying a shift in the emotional fabric of our world. People all over the globe are coming together for a Global Awareness about climate change and their mission is:

“Our focus is on the number 350–as in parts per million, the level scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. But 350 is more than a number–it’s a symbol of where we need to head as a planet.”

The very idea that they are banning together in the numbers they are is pretty astounding.  4396 gatherings in 172 countries.  the idea is to speak to the “powers that be” and demand global changes and immediately.

I found this most intriguing because of the astrology. Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th house at midnight ES time and inconjunct Mars in Leo in the 11th. Translation to that is that the emotional nature of the collective is shifting beginning at a grass roots level by challenging the big “ego” that has a hold of our larger society.  With Mars in Leo we might collectively create war against our cause or we might step into a new warrior archetype that allows for fierce passion and fury for our deepest desires to be expressed with great heart and compassion.  The inconjunct aspect creates the great strife needed to force the choice. In other words we have a moment to choose something different.  There will be other moments and there will be opportunities for global destruction or healing.  The moon will certainly visit this point again many more times, but the astrological signature for this time is unique, as a global effort and thought field is being formed.

At the very least it seems a good day to contribute to a positive vision of the world. At the most there are many actions going on all over the planet…take part! Join in an experiement to change global awareness. Is is possible that a collective thought can have great and powerful impact? I think so…let’s find out.

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Passion…waking the sleeping dragon.

Posted by charlottescott on September 1, 2009

Passion. The very word stirs the embers of inner fires. Yet to fan those fires and igniteLOGO 011 shadow the blaze of my creativity is not as simple as the utterance of a word.

A force moves within me that surges in my belly, nausea precludes the expression and yet I seem unable to fixate on the one thing I know will move this fire that holds itself up in my belly. It yanks at me like a dragon, breath hot and seering. It leaps up into my chest and stirs the pangs of my heart. I don’t know what will happen when it finally finds it’s way into the tunnels of my expression. My mind can’t wrap around it, no vision, no map seems to lie within the walls of my domains.

Is it passion that lies beneath the heat?

Might I be awakening the sleeping dragon within?

I’m called to stop and visit the emotional well that has been my partner since birth. It doesn’t seem to be a place that I feel welcomed. And yet…here it lingers as a bounty, a magnitude of healing force.

The guard at the door, placed long ago in times  forgotten fights against the entrance, seemingly to the death.

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Channeling your higher Self.

Posted by charlottescott on August 20, 2009

Our contributions to the world stem from our relationship to our inner Self. We are moved to share or speak or paint or move and our inner stories unravel for the world to see. Called from deep within, we excavate the contents of our inner landscapes to reveal the pieces of a finely woven tapestry. edit 3b small

I look around my world and witness so many forms of expression. Dark and light. Wild and peaceful. Inspiring and frightening.Contrast etched into our design. It intrigues me so I explore.

It seems we live to speak some deep part of ourselves into the world. Some call themselves artists and some pretend they are not. No shortage of words or images or sculptures or films, in every way we seem to feel compelled to spill out the contents of our deepest thoughts.

Crafting a life, creating a masterpiece, designing and expressing all spills from the potential of what lies within us all.  A place of voice, of presence and passion. Our journeys reflect the differences in our unique interpretations. It reflects the inner relationship and endless discovery of both lower and higher selves. Lower as the raw human self that struggles to survive, hangs on to hurts and chooses based upon a desperate need to feel okay about itself. Higher as in more than, a Self beyond the trappings of getting by and living from a place of purposeful and intended visions and a intimate relationship with it’s source.

The lower self, driven by ego, hardened by the tangible and predictable and often painful dictations of life will often express through the pain and through the struggle and through the suffering. I confess, I have often sliced open my heart and soul and bled upon my canvas, the blank pages that await my self expression.  Pain and suffering make for quite moving art, quite moving words. Yes, pain and the lower self can and have sculpted many a masterpiece.

Aren’t we often seduced by the dark and foreboding, enticed by the macabre. My dark, your dark we all seem to believe we have within us a place where darkness hides.  Some will go to great links to express it and others will pretend it will forever be hidden.

Me, I’ve danced with it my whole life. Pain calling me to unleash it, to somehow sort out and make sense of it, to sculpt it into my words and give my soul a chance to pour out the depths of overly understood trauma and heartache. The dance entails hiding. keeping it in, holding  it back……don’t chance the exposure, don’t risk anyone knowing just how dark dark can be. And then the compulsion to thrust it out, dance it out, spit it out and force myself to see.

As fortune would have it, or perhaps a turn of fate…or a weary soul that had just had enough a light has filled the rooms of my heart, illuminated with love, wisdom, understanding and peace, my life has ceased to be darkened by the hauntings of my inner egoic lower self.  I don’t shame her or hate her I simply accept her experiences of life and love. Sometimes we visit but I try to move on to a better place.

In fact, a much risker place, mysterious and unknown. Illuminated by strange and mystical promises. I move  into a place where the crafting of my expression, that canvas that is my life reflects a higher Self. Higher not as better than, just more than. A higher voice that fills me, coming through me, completing me and filling the space that is me,  my higher Self gives voice to my soul and my soul holds every note, every stanza of my personal song. Patiently, it waits in hopes that I…this me…this one here and now, will take those sounds, tones and colors and weave them into form.

My form.edit two small

Chosen form.

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Full moon eclipse ~ lessons of voice.

Posted by charlottescott on August 3, 2009

As the moon slowly makes her way to her fulness and my journey takes yet another turn I find myself standing in her shadows looking for answers. I gaze up at the full round ball of light in the sky and ask the same question today that I asked yesterday and the day before. What?

What did I come here to say?

I wait, patiently for grandmother moon to smile down upon me and grant me my answers. I sweep the corners of my mind and search for the same. One thing that brings fear is that I won’t hear a word, there will be no sound resonating with this tiny little human self. What if all that I ever could have said or should have said is all used up? What if I’ve been the siren for so many others , lending my voice for so long now, that I never find my own sound.

Maybe if I still myself…quietly surrendering in to that place of stillness, letting my whole body listen into the silence…a single chord would resonate and find it’s way to me? Is my voice locked inside me waiting to get out? Or lost out in the cosmos in some far away place of my soul?

And if I hear it…what words will spill, what thoughts will merge, what divinely inspired key will unlock which mysteries? There is both fear and excitement as I ponder my unique thought, my solitary sound, the clear authentic voice singing both inside me and through me.

For all that has occurred in all the many lessons through out my life, lessons of expressing myself, much silencing has occurred. Through the dramatic discoveries of my unspoken but carelessly written secrets, through the literal hands placed over my mouth, through the shushing into silence with shame from authorities and families and society, with this a silencer was born.

A beautifully skilled and wisely crafted silencer to keep me from spilling out too much of me. My words, my behavior, my attitudes were learned to be carefully checked to make sure no one really knew me, knew my secrets, knew my sufferings, knew my curiousity. Safely keeping those parts in might just let life feel safe. Safe enough to get by. Safe enough to keep pain out.

What was can no longer be. Time to set the silencer free. The editing, the shushing now only done by me.

This is me, freeing the past, moving on, giving myself permission to speak, sing and laugh out loud!

This lunar transition, full moon in Aquarius, fully loaded by the Sun in Leo the sign of self expression and eclipsing, signaling the chance to truly peek into the shadows of what stops me.

Grandmother Moon, I’m listening.

Charlotte…I’m listening.

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Choosing to be powerful.

Posted by charlottescott on February 27, 2009

I decided to take my thoughts to a deeper level.  What does it mean to birth a new archetype?

For years now I have heard the voices of many women, they have been claiming for themselves change. They call it forth in their prayers, they speak of it in their circles and write about it everywhere. We are changing aren’t we? It is so much more than a change in dynamics it is a shift of consciousness. There still may be those archetypes of old, the one that comes to mind is that old commercial where the woman is being super mom. She is “bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan”  There is actually some current commercial replicating  that…mom is doing laundry, flinging cookies and treats to her kids while they watch tv and smiling through the process…let’s get real. None of us do that.

We are doing the juggling, we are earning $$, we are quite possibly even baking cookies…but there is no one single image of woman now adays. We have taken on so many faces that a singular image is impossible.  However, what I do recognize in the women that I see, know and communicate with is  a collective role in change. We usher it in through all of our conversations, our actions and the dreams and visions we have for each other. Change…what does that look like?

I have often thought…if we as a race of people…the female race….were to rise up and speak our true voice that it would literally shift the planet on its axis. That collective voice that longs for peace, knows that love is far more powerful than fear, knows that letting go and letting god is a journey not a destination and asking for help is paramount to survival, but dependance is the road to destruction…these truths we speak to each other in our numerous circles throughout the world, in the privacy of our own meditative spaces and in the air waves of cyberspace we speak these truths to each other. What happens, I wonder….if our collective voice begins to be heard? Because…in case you haven’t noticed the shift…I think it is. I believe we are channeling a new vibration of hope and wisdom. Of peace and love.

Yes, in the difficult moments of strife in our individual lives we might find the opposite to feel true. The weight of financial stress, jobs lost, health crisises, familes stressed…inside the plight of a world out of balance we might not feel this wave of change so clearly. But often, it is in the constriction of “what is” that we find it within ourselves to know what is possible.  It is in the dark moments when we reach for the light switch that we can trigger that change.

Our choices are powerful as women. Our influence far greater than we know. I am always pleading with my children….telling them, especially my daughter, that they are powerful beings. And please, use those powers for good. I say that to you as women, use that power that is inately yours and change the world. You don’t have to take up the torch and lead the pack and gather the energy to do it all alone. You see, that is the old way. Know that even in the small choices you make, the choices you make day to day…to love, to trust, to vision a healthier future for yourself and your families…those choices affect us all.

That is the thread that weaves the fabric of this new female archetype. Every choice to stay out of martyrhood, to stay out of victimhood, to love with boundaries, to trust life and the process of a greater love, to be abundant in your own existance. These choices are far reaching.

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A new female archetype.

Posted by charlottescott on February 26, 2009

photo by Matt Zavadil.

photo by Matt Zavadil.

I am thinking about a new female archetype. She is unfolding, I know right before our eyes. Many of us have been crafting her with our finely tuned instruments of growth and pursuits of wisdom. We…the collective voice we, the female voice that speaks from the hallows. We are an expression of a greater truth and we seek in oh so many ways to express these truths. We have found patterns and symbols to help us along the way.

An archetypal energy is contrived of the experiences of life. Those experiences that we have over and over and we weave them in and through our stories until they seem to have a life of their own. An archetype like….mother. We don’t need to struggle to summon up an image to match that metaphor. We have our beliefs, attitudes and individual stories that have emblazoned the energy of mother deeply into our souls. There are other female archetypes that have marked our paths and spoken to us through the wisdom of their experience. Queen, Princess, Goddess, Seductress, Nurturer, Healer….there’s even an archetype for women of different cultures and different generations. We’ve given enough collective energy to these roles in our lives to sustain them over time. They will always be available to us to embody and use for our purposes.

Today there are new “versions” of women. The archetype of a woman of the new millennium will be one that has her power. She is trusting of the knowledge of the women of old and aware how to use it. She is no longer dependent upon a male for survival but has learned to exist in co-creative partnership with them and all of life. She will call herself mother or daughter or friend but will not identify herself as such. Her identity goes much deeper, her connections to the cycles of time and season shape who she is far more than the roles she plays in life. She is a blend, almost ageless of the three faces of the goddess. Maiden, Mother, Crone….no longer living in separation from these other parts of herself, but dancing amongst them letting each facet shine in its appropriate time.

I know these new energies are not being forged easily. I hear you…..women…..I hear your struggles and your sufferings and the challenges there are to ushering in this new archetype. You are erasing the old ways of taking care of everyone else before you give to yourself, you are erasing the story of dependency upon our traditional roles of the past. You are teaching your daughters to believe in their unlimited possibilities, you are raising your sons to love openly without fear.  You are learning, teaching and living that abundance is an expression of love that you allow yourselves.

We talk a lot amongst ourselves about a new energy coming. What we often forget to do is stop and take stock of our contribution in calling it in. We are the thing we are waiting for. Look around into the eyes of your sisters….it isn’t just coming…it is here. We are shaping what the future will define as a woman of power. A woman self directed and balanced. Gracious women. Thank you for your divine contributions.

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Promise me a spring time…

Posted by charlottescott on December 20, 2008

Its a time of year when things come to an end. The sun moves deep to the horizon and clouds nestle us in. Cold and damp replace the bright warm sunny days we love so much. Out in nature animals have been preparing for what lies ahead. Bears go to hibernate, birds flock to warmth and food has been stored. We aren’t so different. We’re just un-aware. We are suppose to be slowing down, going within, taking a rest from the hectic days of sunlit skies. Listening to that inner call can be our key to coming out the other side, bursting into springtime with lots of energy.img_9881crbwe1

This time of year the Sun shifts into Capricorn. While here, life can look a bit more serious. We start thinking about goals and productions of a new year. It’s important tho to take the time to dive inside and think things through. Take the message of the Solistice, go within and let die what must die. Be prepared to let things go. I’m recognizing that we are moving into a heavy dose of Capricorn. Pluto, our teacher of deep soul change has settled into this sign for a nice long stay. The enlightenment that we experienced with Pluto in Sagitarrius will give way to giving attention to how to share our resources, to use that awakened awareness for a collective transformation.

The Sun joins Jupiter, Venus and soon enough Mars as it moves through. It will move on but leave behind most of this energy for us to play with. Take this time and do the things that Pluto and this Winter Solstice ask of you. It will pay off in months and years to come. Use your inner power to visualize a future, to see a collective goal that can make this journey far more than we have yet imagined.

Pluto has a significant role in the changes we can implement. The catch with Pluto has always been that sometimes we are afraid of letting go and Pluto’s mantra is let die what must die! It is within the process of death and rebirth that transformation occurs. Capricorn is the place in astrological order that we expand our awareness beyond self and intimate relationships to society. Our vision widens and we have the opportunity to look beyond our selves and include the beginnings of the whole.

It seems what might have to die here is a belief.

Belief for a Capricorn, work hard, please everyone and when it comes to a world view its a view of dominate or be dominated…control or be controlled. Who’s the biggest or the best. How do I get mine?

With Jupiter and Venus lending a flow of positive vibes as we start on this decade of Pluto in Capricorn we can use this energy to focus a more conscious view of the world. The awarenesses gathered in Sagitarrius throughout this past decade are the very wisdoms that can guide us through the next. Messages that have begun to appear on our horizon might just be the norm as we travel together through our collective future. Messages of community, shared resources and conscious change. We will be presented with the lessons of dominion, of harmony within our societies.

We will be asked to share our gifts.

What will we contribute?

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